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Loud clicking noise form inside 3rd row cargo area.. HELP!


July 21, 2006
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Miami FL
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'03 XLT
Tried searching but found nothing

Inside the drivers side rear cargo area in the 3rd seat row there is a very loud clicking or tapping noise evey second click click click...

happens from turning on the car to turning off no matter whats on or off or anything.

What could it be?

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blend door actuator, I think, can you go from hot to cold in the rear climate system?

It is definitely your acuator. You will have to take off the plastic covering there to get to it. Cost is about $70 for the part. If you take it to the dealer, expect $200 - $300 with labor, at least. I have the same problem and have had it for several years in our '02 explorer. Ours is intermittent though and we don't drive the truck much anymore. It has turned into a lemon, sadly. Good Luck!!

we have the same problem with our 04 expedition but ours only does it if you turn on the rear air

Definately the actuator for the blend door is skipping the gear. If you adjust the temp on the control back a little, it will stop skipping, or you could spend the money and time to replace the actuator. I've done it, its a pain!