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Loud Clunk and No Go


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February 22, 2010
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Dublin, GA
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'01 Sport Trac 4x4
Ok, so on my way home for my lunch break, I came to a slow stop at an intersection. The truck stopped short "for me" and there was a loud clunk. It hesitated when I tried to go forward again but it started to move after another nasty clunk. I limped it home slowly another mile and when I hit the brakes to pull into the driveway it did it again. Turning was about like it was in 4x4 on dry pavement, clunking and all. I coasted through the driveway in neutral and put it in drive to get into the garage. Turning into the garage gave the same feeling and sounds as before. Then when I was almost pulled all the way in, the truck just came to a halt and gave a couple more loud clunks.

I looked underneath and don't see anything noticeable. I had the lower ball joints and tie rod ends replaced a couple weeks ago. I wish this would have shown up then if it had to happen.

What do y'all think I have going on? Where should I look first?

I obviously won't be returning to work from my lunch break and now I get to lay under my truck for a couple hours.

Thanks in advance.

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It sounds like a worn out CV Axle shaft but jack it up and check everything out, nuts, bolts, calipers, spacers, balljoints, etc.. man that sucks.

Wish I was closer to help you work on it and figure out what it is in person. Keep us posted on what you find Hugh, good luck, hopefully it's something easy and cheap.

Does it sound like it's coming from the front Hugh? If so, I'd agree with Jerry. You have the TT maxed don't you? Bad ju-ju for CV's. If it rear I'd be scared it was differential.

I did some pretty wild burnouts in my Interceptor once since I was getting new tires. I'd be just getting up to speed and it would feel like somebody crashed into the back of me, then fine. It'd do that every couple of days. Opened up the rear and the lock bolt for the side gear cross shaft had broken and was letting the cross shaft hit the end of the pinion. Welded the slightly bent cross shaft to the carrier and never had another problem.

Some strange things happen to drivelines.........curious to see what you find.

I only have 1-3/4" TT. Turns out, it was none of the above.

The lower caliper bolt was missing and the caliper was just having a dance.

I have to wait for the bolt to come in since everybody only has the entire caliper bolt kit in stock. I will be letting the shop that did my ball joints know about this.

check everything out, nuts, bolts, calipers, spacers, balljoints, etc..

Glad to hear it was something cheap, simple and you're ok, could've got messy with and caliper bolt missing.

Well you lucked out, comparatively......... Glad it was simple!

i did have that same problem this weekend so i lose the caliper bolts, crazy that and i did change the rotors a month ago, I dont know why this happens, also if i thight them strong the wheel dosent move, i dont know why...

really scary stuff

Dang dude, glad it was something simple. Scary possibly expensive driveline noises give me the worms. :D