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loud ticking noise


April 30, 2009
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92' XLT
i have a 92 xlt 4.0 ohv getting to my point i went and started my vehicle so that i would have heat when i started it sounded fine and wat not but as it got warmed up i started hearing a looud ticking noise idk if its the lifters,valves, or wat i have heard of it possibly being an exhaust leak which i kno i have from doin my exhaust last week anyone got ne ideas:dunno:

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These engines are famous for lifter noise after they get older...mine started doing this about three years ago, I added a can of Engine Restore and it went away, still gone after several oil changes.:usa:

it sounds like it could very well be a lifter tapping add a can of restore and run it, i have used restore in my 01 explorer and it worked great

good deal......alright another question quite stupid at that the engine restore (miracle worker) lol it can be bought at any auto parts store right?

most of the time yes, its in a silver can and it comes in 3 different formulas, 4,6,and 8 cylinder formula.

great deal this helps out alot ya guys have definately helped out i was some wat starting to worry bout it

were all here to help the x owners in need.

You can also try auto tranny oil as it will also clean and free up a stick lifter. My 93 has done that in the past and after the Auto oil it went away and that was about tow years ago now.
By the way my dad is the one who showed me that trick on my first car we bought it cheap because of the tick and fixed it for less then $2.00. Paid $600 for a car they were asking $1,800 for. This was a long time ago now like back in 76 but dad was mechanic his whole life same as his dad so I had my own rivet auto shop teacher LOL.

So huntman58 wat ur sayin is like instead like putting 5 qts of oil in it the next time pu 4 in and then 1 qt of auto tranny fluid

That be right. You can also drian off about 1 qt now and add it also. That would be what I would do and if it cleans it up and the ticking stops or becomes less loud then your on your way. I normaly only leave it in tell the next oil change then go back to 5 QTs of normal oil at that point.