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Love my Explorer, hate the white stuff, enough....


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November 16, 2007
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Rockland County, NY
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06EB V8
So we, the lucky ones on the east coast, got hit with number of snow storms this year so far.
Every year, I appreciate more and more that I set up my Exp with the little plow. Yesterday, we got something like 14-16" of heavy wet snow. I got stuck number of times, then we got additional 3-6 overnight. My pile of snow is now about 3-4 ft fight, and about 10 ft deep. Time to make some tunnels for kids enjoyment, but I am tired of it this year already. I need something like a F350 or bobcat.



My street:


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How'd ya get unstuck?

I was reading in my 2006 manual and it goes out of it's way to say "do not use as a snow plow". ?????

It reads in every manual of medium size SUV or even full size, and even pick up trucks not to use as a snow plow vehicle unless you have snow plow package.
I have been doing it for the past 7 years, still on original tranny. I am just being careful, not going crazy. I got stuck when the snow under the tires turned into ice, and I had some snow still in front and behind. Then the shovel is your friend :) actually, I had to even use a snow blower.

Nice. Looks like our area all winter long! :D

Wow, using a truck, as a truck, what a concept!

I guess we got off pretty easy this year... knock wood. Still, these single digit temps are painful.

Snow whats that? you would think living in Utah (Greatest Snow on Earth) we would have seen a lot more of the white stuff. its been so warm that my trees are starting to get buds and are about ready to bloom.