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Low Brake Fluid Warning!


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October 28, 2013
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2010 XLT
I have a 2010 Explorer XLT with 17000 miles on it. I purchased it used with 13,000 ODO an year ago.

It has started showing 'Brake Fluid Level Low' warning in the dash messages.

What could be the problem? brake fluid sensor? how can i check it MYSELF (imported from US to middle east and local dealer is not cooperative). The

-The brake fluid it at max, -there is no leak, -brakes work perfectly, -no ABS warning, -no check engine warning light)

brake fluid reservoir has a three pin plug on it. any help with the wiring diagram? where those wires lead to? which is the signal wire? signal is positive/negative?


*The warranty of the vehicle is void as it has been imported to the middle east and the local dealer doesn't entertain warranty claims, even hesitates to provide service for a fee to discourage imports and boost local sales at high premiums