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Low hanging Tail Pipe..


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December 2, 2014
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Westland, Mi
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2002 Explorer XLT 4.0 FFV
I noticed my Tail Pipe was hanging low.. If you know, you found that they connect the TP to the Muffler via a Coupler over the Driver Side Half Shaft.. I assume because it's Independent Suspension and there's not enough room to loop a full Pipe in that spot..

Yeah great, there's no room to get in there. I haven't taken off the Wheel to see if I can go at it that way.. The Clamp is beyond rusted so it has to go..

What have you done?

I would take the wheel of if it seems like you'll gain more access.

I'm not quite clear on what you mean. Do you mean there are two pieces of exhaust clamped and the clamp rusted and failed so one pipe is swiveling within the other, or detatched, or the clamp is a hanger itself, or from a makeshift repair and a universal hanger was placed there, or the hanger connects to the clamp and the hanger (rubber donut type possibly, or strap?) has ripped apart? Or the hanger rod welded to the exhaust pipe broke off at the weld?

Trying to get an idea of the exhaust setup, Rock Auto has an exhaust kit that shows various pieces but often some of those are a single pipe or welded together at the factory instead of clamped, but IDK what exhaust work your vehicle might have already had done in past years and what it's like now, all stock?

If all the pipes and muffler are intact, you *might* be able to get a universal exhaust strap, put it where it seems useful around the pipe, and mount the other end to something sound enough that you can put a hole in that and bolt it on. I mean something like this:

It doesn't mention the pipe diameter that it fits, AFAIK your pipes are 2-1/4" ? I see on Summit that Eastern 8301 is for 2.5" max, would work for 2.25", or there are other hanger types including those where you just put a standard U-clamp on the pipe and the hanger slips under that.


This is where its at.. I took the Spare TIre out to get access.. I cut off the broken section and just put a Flexpipe on it.. The 1st pic doesn't show it, but the 2 sections are clanging together and it sounds ghetto..

I didn't bother to put Clamps on because there's not a lot of room to get them on and I don't feel like knocking myself to death doing it.. Plus, there's a lot of Flexpipe slipped over the existing Pipes so it's not going anywhere.

That connections is somewhat load bearing, so I welded a Bolt from the Tailpipe to Frame Rail to hold it in place.. We will see how long it lasts.. Worst case, I'll just remove the Tailpipe. it's 21 years old!





Those pics are good but it is harder for us to visualize what they represent because we didn't take them in person.

It looks like you welded the bolt to the pipe and then to the frame or another structural member because the hanger stud broke off the pipe at that location, as shown in the last picture? I mean I see that rubber doughnut in the same pic, was that the former mounting point and is now going unused? I would want the flexibility of that rubber because if the exhaust is fixed in place, any vibrations or other movement will put more stress elsewhere and/or break the weld, "maybe".

In the 2nd to last pic, with the flex pipe over the original pipe, it looks like there's plenty of room to put a clamp on there?

Ultimately I suspect that you are fighting a losing battle, that it won't be long till the whole exhaust needs replaced, or at least what I see in the pics. Unfortunately (or at least not that I'm aware of...) nobody seems interested in making a kit with stainless pipes instead of aluminized steel that rusts through a lot faster. Maybe I just haven't looked hard enough since I don't have a 3rd gen Explorer.

Anyway, the clanging should be resolved with a clamp and/or a flexible strap to limit movement.