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LOW/NO brake pressure 1995 explorer


February 15, 2011
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houston texas
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1995 ford explorer
Random issue.. Started my truck yesterday and noticed I had low brake pressure. It was fine about 2 hourse before hand. The pedal goes all the way down to the floor in order to stop. I also notice there was no brake fluid(or it was way below what i could see or feel). The brake light is also on the dash.

I havent had a chance to get underther to see if I can spot any leaks. But I can tell you pumping it wont build up any pressure at all. Any ideas on what could have caused this or how to fix?

BTW i love the forum!

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Blown line
Blown hose
Blown caliper

Any which way, you got a leak. Get under there and find it.

Ok so i got under the there. Looks like the leak is coming from the rear end. On top of the rear diff. If im correct its the line to the passanger rear. Seems to be the only spot thats leaking.




its rusted out,, time to changet

yep tobad I cant find the prebent one on fords website. have the part number(2267) just cant find it. Guess I'll be bending my own.