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Low Oil Pressure


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August 18, 2011
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Chesapeake, VA 23325
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2004 Ford Explorer
My truck cut off while driving. When I looked at the message center window it displayed "low oil pressure". I just had my oil changed last week. I started it back up and proceeded home without the message be displayed again. What could the problem be?

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I don't know why it would cut off, maybe some of those cruise control problems that other people could help you with, but the low oil pressure probably just came on causethe ignition was in run, but it wasn't running, so no oil pressure. It'd be the same as being parked in your driveway without the motor running with the key in the on position


Check your oil level to be sure it isn't low. It could have been that the pickup tube got a big gulp of air in there.

It could also mean that your oil pressure switch is going bad, however that would not cause the vehicle to stall out.

If you really are losing oil pressure, that could be trouble. Are you still able to drive the vehicle now?

Edit: I just read JDT's post, and that is a possibility as well.

Go take it to ford and get it flashed..Low oil pressure doesnt mean anything because the car was off. Mine did this right after I bought it, ford flashed it and it hasnt done it since.