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Low profile roof light bar

I was looking for a low profile roof mounted light bar to fit four 55w rectangle lights on. I have seen tons of light bars but they mostly use the roof crossbars or a bar that spans the roof rack tracks. I am looking for a way to mount a light bar furthe to the front of my roof, like between the sunroof and the very front of the roof. I think I have seen one on the forums but can't find it now. I just need an idea of how to mount it without the roof rack tracks. Any suggestions would be great.

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Check out the Carr light bar. You should be able to get one for around $120 online and it can easily fit the lights you are talking about. You need the gutterless mount kit for it to work on an explorer, and it screws into the frame of your door.

Here is a picture of the barr on my X, the lights on the bar in that pic are really small and i dont have them anymore, but right now I have 4 hella 500s up there, and could easily fit another one. http://www.explorerforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=265065



Thanks. I fabbed up one at work. Much easier and cheaper.

Good Job, I like how it turned out; also your brush guard is really cool. The only problem with having a light bar on the roof, as you will see, is that when the sunroof is open the air hitting the lights/lightbar will make A LOT of noise. Im really unable to have my sunroof open past 40 mph or else itll sound way too loud.

I'll be honest with you Nick, the noise from the light bar on the roof has not made much of an noise impact while having the sunroof open. I will agree that I do notice a slight noise factor, but it is not nearly enough to dissuade me from opening the runroof...even on the highway (70+ mph) its not bad.

Lol, you are lucky. I guess it could be because my bar sits higher and I have round lights as opposed to the rectangular ones that everybody usually puts on the roof. Glad to hear yours is nice and quiet though. What kind of lights you have up there?

The lights are nothing crazy...just some 50watters that I picked up from Harbor Freight. They are like $12 a pair and are like 6x4 rectangular shaped. It was exactly what I was looking for and a great deal so i couldn't pass it up. And yeah I am glad that the ride isn't much noisier....although some of it might be drowned out by my music. haha.

You can run the wires in the pipe. It would look nicer. Same thing if you already drilled in the roof you might as well run the wires in the headliner so they are all hidden.