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Lower Ball Joint and Suspension??


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October 25, 2006
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I have a 2000 EXP. I am going to replace the lower ball joints this weekend. The uppers have already been done. Can I just disassemble the lower ball joint with out disassembling the upper ball joint?

I am also going to do shocks. Is there anything else I should replace while I am doing this? I am will be buying new tires and want to get everything taken care of on the truck. It has 137,000 miles. Everything with the exception of the upper ball joints is original.

If I remember correctly, you need to remove the knuckle and move the half shaft to the side in order to remove the lower ball joint. The pinch bolt has to be removed from the knuckle, but the upper control arm does not have to be completely removed.

I could not get a ball joint press into position on the inside of the lower control arm, so I soaked the b/j with PB blaster and pounded them out with a socket and ball pein hammer. They dropped out with a couple good smacks.

Now is a good time to replace your tie rod ends, their cheap and it only takes a couple extra minutes.

And if you have the coin, the hub assy's are much easier to change with the knuckle off.