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Lower Control Arm Replacement


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August 1, 2012
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1998 explorer 4dr ohv
Hello again!

This isnt going to be a full write up as they already exist. I just wanted to throw out some of my experience I learned and couldnt find before I started this. First off if your bushing are as gone as mine were you will need new lower bolts. One was stripped the other snapped in half (not an easy task). The bolts are M16 2.00 110mm long though 120 will work if thats all you can find. I undid the torsion bar adjust bolts (both stripped the heads) and welded a large crown nut (from the tie rod ends) to the head of the torsion bar bolts. This worked a treat. I didnt bother getting new ones just re-coated them with loctite. There seemed to be some confusion on here about just how high the truck needs to be to pull the arms. I had the car up about a foot. The control arms just need to be lowered about 4 inches more than they normally hang, they dont need to swing completely down. Once that is done they come right off with a large hammer. To remove the torsion bar from the control arm I used a 29mm socket and large mallet. A couple strategic blows and it pops right out.

Good info, will be doing this along with new fuel tank and evaporation line this week

I think the bolts for the fuel tank straps are m10 or m12? Someone who knows for sure will chime in. When I did mine a while back two got stripped. My ex was a rust bucket though. Good luck!

So bringing up an old thread, you didn't use any fancy tool on the torsion bars? Just loosened the adjustment bolts all the way, and let the LCA hang till the tension was off of the torsion bar?