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lower the upper control arm???


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August 15, 2009
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franklinton, Louisiana
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I have figured out a way to lower the upper arm. This will fix the angle on the ball joint and aid the alignment problems. Has anyone else tried this. The new mounts are being fabbed up this week and I should be able to get them on this weekend. I hope to have enough time this weekend to do the c notch in the rear also. And I THINK I have the mounts figured out to lower the rear axle 2 inches. Time will tell. If anyone else has tried this please tell me about problems... On a side note being laid off is getting quite expensive. But the Exploder likes it !!!

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I talked to Aurther, he is bringing the brackets by tomorrow evening. This will allow the upper arm to be level again and allow almost full range of motion. Now I need to find limiting straps and figure out how to make a sway bar disconnect for front and rear. I am so tempted to blow off the doctor Wednesday so I can get the brackets welded in..

would almost be easier to make a longer a-arm to get back whats missing.. Wondering if any of the Ranger aftermarket a-arms would work? Get rid of the balljoint arms and have some uniballs and might as well go with a coilover then too...

sorry got off track

I look forward to seeing pics of what you came up with.

I am basically mounting the upper arm to the front or out side of the tower. Than I have brackets with a hole in the top that will bolt to the ends of the control arms using the nuts and studs that hold the bushing in. These brackets will then bolt to a welded bracket on top of the frame. This will take some of the stress off of the tower and transfer it to the frame. It should give me back full range of motion. I am gonna install the body lift first. That way I have more room to work on the suspension. I bought a lift cross member for a chevy today. Gonna try to make it work to relocate the lower control arms. If it works then i can lower the front axle and rack.. So the addiction continues !!!!!

Does anyone have front suspension set up specs? I cant fing them on line anywhere. I think toe is 1 degree negative and camber is 1 degree alos. Any ideas? And I found a suspension company that makes parts for dirt track cars that will make us any length uppers for 150 a set. So after I relocate mine I will measure and get the custom built tubular arms.

I have figured out my new tubular upper arms. I thought bout this for a while. But it is simple. The lift spacer lowers the strut 2.5 inches on mine. So the upper arm needs to be lowered 2.5 inches also. Duh ... So I have made a spacer to lower it to take accurate measurements. Now I just have to put it all together this weekend. it will then go to a friend who builds racing chassis to get the new upper arms built and mounted. So my question to the members is how willing would yall be to buy a new upper that has to have tabs welded to the frame? or would yall rather a bolt in spacer to lower the arm. I am going with the weld in tabs and new arms. If anyone is interested let me know. I already have a price in mind for the arm spacers and the lowering blocks. So it is up to yall if you want to do this. It would be a nice compliment to the new spacers being built by BTF

Are going to put heims in to compensate for camber/ caster?


yes they will be adjustable with heim joints

well i managed to put the control arm under the mount instead of on top like the factory. It seems to have worked fine. Gonna get an alignment tomorrow and see how good it really is.

Please keep me posted

I am interested in how this turned out. I took my A-ARMS to my brother who owns a machine shop to have him custom make drop tubular arms. I will pick them up tomorrow May the 4th. If I am disatified then I may be giving you a call. One thing everyone needs to remember is when you lift the truck you are putting you axles at a hard angle. My brother designed an axle frop to true up the angle. looks great and allows for full travel on the front. He is designing the pieces for the rear. I am looking forward to having full travel with a lifted 3rd gen. will keep you posted.

lowering the arms worked great. Got the alignment today. 49.95 in and out in 20 minutes. So now I am back to full motion with no binding. Just gotta do the body lift now. And make better brackets for the front. Kinda welded up some crude braces to make sure it would work.


shows the upper mounted below the factory vracket and a brace on outside the bushing.


this pic shows control arms in the full drop position. Notice nothing hits the spring.

cool - any more photos or specs for us?

This is the system that I have found that worked the best for this type of lift system....