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Lower thermostat housing or manifold leaking


June 18, 2016
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Decatur, Al
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2003 Explorer Eddie Bauer
Well it seems at this point I will be taking the intake manifold off. I have a leak here

I just cant tell if it's between the plastic of intake manifold and lower thermostat housing or if it's the manifold gasket. Also apparently this piece is considered a part of the manifold

I just wanted to post to see if anyone has had a leak in that lower thermostat housing before.. If it does turn out to be between lower housing and manifold the dealership says I will have to replace entire manifold... which I think I'll RTV the mess out of that thing before I replace the stupid thing.

I'll update what I find out.

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This is an 03 with 4.6 by the way


It looks like I will have to buy a new intake. Small piece of plastic there broke allowing that seal at coolant passage shown in pic to pop out...


Its a typical blemish on these trucks. lots of people on here end of doing this job before this happens its so common, though I am not sure thats always where it breaks.

lol. right? most of them on these things are pricey!


Can't see much for all the stuff in the way, but new one is on. Doing good after a spin around the block. I'd say anyone can do the job beginning to end in 3ish or so hours. My only issue was losing a bolt that goes in top of alternator.
Bought manifold from Ford.. it was waayyy expensive. I spent $580 on manifold and gaskets. Could have been a little cheaper online but you pay for shipping and have to wait. Ford had the manifold next day.