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Lowered with 22's (ride quality?)


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August 22, 2008
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Longwood, FL
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2005 Explorer XLT
I was wondering how bad the ride is on an Explorer lowered with 22's. I am due for tires and looking to sell my stocks and get some 20s or 22s. I live in FL so the roads are typically nice with an occasional pot hole or two.

I'd appreciate info from anyone that has experience with this setup..

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I live literally in the same area and I have a 2nd gen on 20"s and its ok on a 2" drop. You will feel way more of the road (due to lack of rubber), only plus is overall look of the truck. Unexpected bumps will hurt or at least the sound does. I-4 kinda scares me at times, I have just about every performance addon for the OHV and when I get passed 65 I don't feel comfy. Truck looks sharp, but I am looking at some 17"s or 18"s.

Good Luck.

Well howdy neighbor!!

So you think the bad ride is mostly from the low profile tires? I thought about going with some 18s but I at least want to do 20s. It's just that I am finding more deals on craigslist for 22s right now.

heh, you'll find deals a dime a dozen on craigslist for 22" and 20" in orlando (I traded a laptop for 4 KMC GTX's and tires. Most are in casa pinga, and there really isn't a whole lot of good used tire shops even though they are also.. a dime a dozen. Except for maybe Road Runner tires, but they are in kissimmee and from longwood that can be a drive. If your still curious we could meet up and and I could give you a ride around to give you an idea since your in the neighborhood. Oh and I just remembered I know someone with a set of 20"s for $400 (probably take less since they need to be refinished.)

I might take you up on that offer. What brand of 20's and tire size (if any) is your friend selling? Could you send me a pic or 2? My email is nygbrad@gmail.com