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Lowered with RCD coilover stuff ?


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March 6, 2006
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2000 Limited chassis only
So has anyone lowered, or set up an Ex at stock height with an RCD Coilover kit?

I know they're advertised as a 5 inch lift kit (and they're supposedly ranger parts) , but surely with the bracketry all it would take is a different length set of shocks and springs ?

Anyone done this already ? I'd love to see some clos eup pictures of how the brackets look (even if on a lifted truck)


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the only parts the would be of any use would be the brackets to adapt to the coil over shocks. everything else will make the truck taller.
i have the RCD on my ranger.

i dont havea good pic of the bottom, maybe i can find one in a few

only problem you might run into is the thru bolts for the RCD are 9/16"
most universal c/o shocks ive messed with are 1/2"
findin a shock that will fit the application may be a task.

there are a few torsion bar rangers that have converted to c/o drops on RPS as well.

Thanks Gumby, thats exactly the sort of picture I was hoping for, just looking to see what they did at the upper mount.

MtGreen, thanks for the link, I actually read that post, but thought it was all lift oriented, it wasn't until I re-read it that I saw all the info on shock length and travel stuff.

I'd still love to figure out some way of putting airbags under these, but the only way I see doing it is either to cut off the upper mount, fab something else and then use something like a air-strut OR
Make a solid bar to replace the torsion bar and put the bag over it and the other end on the frame, sort of a backwards version of a rodders four link rear end.

The coil over are definately a consideration though. For now, I think I'll just leave everything stock, except maybe some shocks that'll allow travel right down to chopped bump stops.

Do you guys know the stock shocks spec ? length compressed and length extended ?

here is a nice shot of the bottom mount(not my pic)


Looking at that pictures it's no surprise that the torsion bars groan a lot is it ?
The keyway where the TB slips in is just bounds to junk up dry out and generally be crap. Great picture there.

I had a look at Edelbrocks site hoping for some more info, but theres nothig there. I'll have to research it later.