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Lowering 04 Explorer 4x4 Wagon


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December 2, 2012
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Victoria, Australia
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2004 Explorer Limited
Hey guys... Ive done some serious searching. I want to lower my truck a couple of inches. I can't find much info on what exactly I need to do. Being that I live in Australia, there isn't much around here when it comes to Lowered Explorers. I need to know EXACTLY what I need to get, Springs, Struts, Camber Kits, Bump stops and everything else. The truck sits on stock 17" Limited wheels but I will be importing a set of Adrenalin 20" wheels... If anybody has the information I need as well as some photos of lowered 3rd Gen 4x4 Wagons, that would be awesome...

Cheers Dan

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Hi Dan.

Here's what I used for my 2004 Explorer (V8 - 2WD).

Belltech lowering springs part number 928.
Eibach Pro-alignment kits (front 5.86140K and rear 5.86180K) for increased camber adjustment.

When I got in there, my 150K miles Explorer needed both front struts and ball joints. I ended up buying the complete upper arm with ball joint from a local parts store (Auto Zone) for only $85 per side. The struts were $105 per side.

I then had an alignment performed to square everything up.

Looks much better and rides great. I also use the 20" Adrenaline wheels.



Here's a stock height picture for reference.


The Belltech springs lowered it 2" in the front and just over 2" in the rear.
The ride is excellent and really tightens up the sloppiness of the factory springs.
My Xplorer no longer feels top-heavy and unstable. It corners much better and flatter too.

Whats the actual tyre size you are running on the 20s? That looks great!