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Lowering a 2003 4x4 problems please help


December 14, 2012
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03 Ford Explorer LTD
hey guys i have a 03 4.0 v6 limited explorer 4x4 i have 24" rims for it which im about to put on but i wanted to lower it first now the problem i have is i wanted to buy the ground force 9926 1.6 drop springs but it appears they no longer make them and i cant even find some left over in stock anywhere!!! so that leaves me with no choice than to look at the belltech springs which seem to me to lower it way to much for 24" rims ....so my question is does anyone on here have experience of a belltech drop with 24's if so can i please have your input and also you have any pictures so i can see how it looks, cause i have heard some horror story's of belltech springs too my tires are 275/35/24 btw and likewise if anyone has or knows where i can get some GF springs please let me know A.S.A.P i have cash waiting ( Please anyone)

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no pretty much every company i find on Google are ordering them direct from GF and then refunding my money 2 days later because they don't make them any more its getting annoying it doesn't seem anyone actually stocked them themselves !! and i already tried the link in question but thanks for trying to help !!

come on someone on here must have some knowledge or experience to offer on this subject !!!

It is not the wheel diameter that is the issue, it is the overall tire height. You are talking about running 31.5" tires, which are taller than stock to begin with. That, with the wider 275, may make the setup unusable on a stock suspension. You will need to check the backspacing/offset of the wheel and tire combination to see if it will clear the suspension. Otherwise, lowering should be fine.

yeah my wheel offset is ok i have a friend that has the exact same explorer and rims as i have but he is running Groundforce springs with 1.6 drop and has no problems with rubbing at all but my problem is the belltechs have 2.5 inch drop at the back not 1.6 and im not sure if the extra inch will result in problems although that said the GF's drop more like 2" and i heard the belltechs actually drop more like 3"