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lowering for 99 XLT


May 19, 2004
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Brighton, Michigan
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I was wondering wat shocks or blocks i should get or look for if i wanted to lower my X at least 2 inches. Ive been lookin on the net and i cant find a lowering kit thing for my X. I saw the one on EE but i think 1 3/8 inches is not enough. any suggestions?

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only thing u can do is get a camber kit and then TT that bad boy and put some blocks from your local part store in the rear...unless you bag it like me ;-)

my bad i didnt see this post......i am doing it myself so therefore i am saving lots....if you got the knowlodge and know how then itll save you lots but if you dont then your looking to be about 3-5g's just for the labor to be laying frame.....if your interested then i have names and shops on the east coast that can take care of it for you....but for a good system your looking at about 2g's for the parts alone........im alittle ways up there right now with the cost bc it does cost a penny to do it yourself also..........just an idea....i bought a fuel cell and mounted it behind the axle btwn the rails.....trashed the factory tank, made new fuel lines, modified the pump to fit in the cell, changed the whole front suspension (as in like modifying it so i can get a 2" drop and keep it aligned..like a drop spindle) trashed the torsion bars, made the notch and brackets, building a new rear floor, and ect... you can get the point now...but its still pretty pricey....need any ?'s answered then holla at me

wow i wish i could bag my X by myself but i have no idea wat i would be doing lol. i was just wondering how much it cost cuz i heard it was like 2 grand. im not 18 yet so my dad still has his say in wat i can do and he doesnt want me to lower it cuz he said it would defeat the purpose of 4 wheel drive. It makes sense but i still wanna lower so ill have to wait another year :(

yeah yeah yeah its more of a awd ....... but anyway, it wouldnt hurt nothing to lower it ..... your front joints might give you problems depending on how low you go and eventually if you bagged it you would have to do away with your awd, the front, so it would work. but nothing would hurt it to be rwd anyway so have fun and good luck an enjoy