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Lowering via Torsion Twist Questions.


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December 12, 2009
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Hey whats going on. I have a couple questions for you guys.

I know that there are different codes on the torsion bars ranging from soft to stiff. I believe the letters are from B-L, correct?

Also which torison bar would be better to lower with, a softer one or a stiffer one?

Is there any write-ups on installing torsion drop keys?

Thanks, sorry for all the questions.

duno of anyone makeing new torsion bars

i personally would go with a stiffer one when you lower it. when you let the bolts out the suspension has less tension on it with the stock bars, ive been contemplating if stiffer bars will help me stiffen the front up with what threads i do have in on the bolts.

From my understanding the sport trac bars off a 01-03 should provide a stiffer support.