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looking down the rad left hand side under the air box ..vaporiser install



in there to be tightened down tomorrow ...

bigger pic's at the link below


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So when do you want to come and fit mine :)

Sterling progress


So when do you want to come and fit mine :)

Sterling progress

Thanks Jan ..not sure buddy hehe ... i know u are up too it (:

got held up a bit getting the top manifold on .. on both sides the breathers that fit under the top manifold had to get cut off and sealed ... the one's from the front with the big round clip,s

..so they will join with there buddy's at the rear and vent in that way ..

the gas injectors sit right in the spot they would go ..

not easy job to see what's in the way if it wont go on..so much under there :D

mechanically its all connected :thumbsup:

my soldering iron is twitching


had to look that up Jan hehe

although excited I had to wait till today ....

wasn't excited in another way lol although the whole job has made me twitch lol

all in and wired but not running ..will disconect the coil feed lead ..maybee thats stopping the sparks

investigating now : )

installation manual here

vaporiser wiring all soldered up


Joining the gas ECU to the loom ..looks worse than it is 2 lots of wiring there..


all running today :D :D

had a few confusing moment's but all connected ..

will post up how to connect later...

drives good ( : sometimes gas stop's when u come to a halt from a steady drive ..... petrol kicks in and u need restart ...but the front hose is off from the front breather pipe,so maybe this is why

well pleased for 1st run out ..hearing the gas valves clicking away was amazing ...:thumbsup::D:D:D

cheaper plugs from the states ?..seems the way to do it ..Ngk uridium

Good work
I see you are going for function over form on the wiring LOL

long time but update ...:thumbsup:

re wired it , had issues with injector error on cylinder # 5 and not idling

for LPG Landi Renzo omegas lsi

multi plug loom 1

cyl # car ecu > gas ecu > car inj

1 - tan > blk / blue > dark blue

2 - white > red > red / blk

3 - brn / yel > green/blk > green

multi plug loom 2

4 - brn/light blue > green/blk > green

5 - tan /blk > light blu / blk > blue

6 - grn / org > red / blk > red

and the loom - white / red to +12v.

hope helps some one :salute: