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Lurker turned newb


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July 22, 2008
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first of all, my name is laura. i have been a lurker on the boards since october when i bought my first ex. shes a 97 AWD XLT..and fittingly enough, i call her dora. i basically love this car. shes all stock however my family is in to the 4x4ing and hopefully she wont be stock for much longer. shes been taken on trails and done pretty well. i have only tested her in mud a few times but b/c shes my daily driver i dont want to batter her up to bad. she will eventually become a toy and i'll get something economical to be a dd but for now shes all i have.

she has some modding in her future definately. i imagine i may not be much of a poster until im able to get her worked on..

just wanted to stop in and say hey!

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