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Thought I'd register my rig. Bought her in 2008 65k miles on the clock for $18 grand, always been happy with her until I caught the modding bug (you *******s, yeah you know who you's are). So now I'm extremely happy and love my x and decided to post some pics in here.

This is when I first got her.


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After the virus took hold


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And finally after a few years, a new house and getting rid of my old tojo troopy the bug is almost out of my system (just a x3 rocking up in the mail any day now)


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To her final incarnation (at this stage), and heres one of me best mate too.


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Your brushgaurd is ####ing scary....


nice x

Cheer's mate.

Yeah you need some serious metal on the front of your truck with all the kangaroos around. No dramas if you live in a city but out in the bush they'll hop straight across the road (no road sense at all) in front of you, theres over 40 million roos in Oz and the biggest I've hit, in an old toyota I had was 8' tall and weighed in at 270 lbs. I cut off his legs and cooked them up for my dog, fed him for free for weeks. Waste not want not.

the old troopy R.I.P. (rust in peace)


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The bar on the troopy bent nearly to the bonnet and had to chain it off to a tree then reverse in low range to get it back, but the ding in the bottom part under the bumper came from a stump disguised as a bush!;)

that red car got thumped tho', no roo bar 70 mph bammo.

Truck looks good. Not digging the hood scoop but that bumper is pretty hot.


Took a few shots today looking for a good pic for the outdoors comp, so I thought I'd include them here.


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A couple more


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Got myself a new second hand spare tyre today to replace the 245/65/17 that I've hoped I didnt have to use since I put on the new tyres. Its a cooper adventurer atr 265/70/17 and has about 80% tread left on it. Getting it put on tomorrow and getting the spacer bolts checked, Ive got a 500 mile trip to do on Monday so I just wanted to make sure everything is still tight and I've got a spare that is within cooee of my new boots.

The last picture on here is one I took yesterday morning and I sort of thought ..."wow, that could be a nuke going off". I did have to use my imagination a bit:D


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Got me spare put on this morning and the spacer nuts checked, done about 100 miles since I got the tyres and spacers. Plenty of gravel roads with corrigations, potholes and some mellow off roading and everything was good. No loosening of spacer nuts at all. The fact they are hub centric may have helped. All ready for me 500 miler on monday! I'll chuck on some pics with the spare but I've lost a bit of clearance going from the 245 tyre that was on it to the 265 cooper but s*** happens.


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Scored a 1/2 hornet glass scoop to replace my $16.00 one that came from Taiwan. Dimensions are 350mm w X 590mm l x 50mm h, it still needs a final filling coat and colour and clear but thats a project for me and my 12 yr old son over the holidays (along with stage II intake mod)


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Nice looking truck Lynch, love the brush guard/bumper combo. I've seen 2nd gens on here with those so I guess you have a big issue with hitting them frequently.