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Thought I'd register my rig. Bought her in 2008 65k miles on the clock for $18 grand, always been happy with her until I caught the modding bug (you *******s, yeah you know who you's are). So now I'm extremely happy and love my x and decided to post some pics in here.

This is when I first got her.


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I saw one youtube vid where a bloke on the East coast of Oz was talking to a truckie in Arizona on his two way. It was pissing down with rain and he's having a yarn to someone half way round the world. Pretty bloody awesome.

Thanks Glen, Gman, and Reaper!!:biggthump I think you can bounce off the atmosphere with a cb? Is that to do with noe too?

I've got talk and recieve from 469mhz-478mzh and recieve only 460-468 (coppers are 468.350 down here). I'm gonna have a play this arvo' after I've mowed the lawn.

CQDX, CQDX, CQDX... The letters CQ mean "Seek You" and DX stands for Long Distance or Overseas. So the Ham calling CQDX would have sent those letters in Morse code originally, meaning "I'm calling for anybody overseas who wants to chat with me". That's the way hobby radio operators call out over their two-way radios in the hope of talking across the world. Now most of us use voice and send SSB or single-sideband transmissions. But some still get a kick from using rigs that send morse code. It is perfectly legal to make "DX" (that's long-distance, overseas) radio contacts when you're a licensed Amateur Radio operator. We amateur radio ops to talk around the world almost every day by using propagation that CBers call 'skip'. But FCC regulations strictly forbid American CBers from talking to anyone outside of the United States and US territories. You need to become a Ham to do that.

WOW did not know this!!! Better be careful Gregg, the fcc might come a knockin':D

Haha yeah channel 40 is the truckies channel down here, I'll spend abit of time just listening and learning before I jump on. That mic's a bloody ripper, noise cancelling ay? That's what pilot's use isn't it? Sweet deal too, good stuff. We should try and contact each other december 2012, those monster solar flares should provide the boost we need!!:D:D:D

Ok, 2012 it is. End of the world party broadcast on the Radio waves!

That mic will filter out noises for a cleaner signal to whomever is on the other end. Its a little more HD than the ones that come with the radios, and the metal mesh screen looks

Channel 19 is the truckers fav here. Channel 9 is the emergency channel also.

I just picked this up for me Mum and Dad. The way the world's weather is going at the moment I reckon its crazy to rely on the usual comms systems. Now when the flood, earthquake, tidal wave, bush fire, cyclone, hurricane, tornado and next ice age happen I can still invite them over for a cup of tea.



The GME Electrophone TX680 is the latest in GME's line of compact UHF 40 Channel Handheld Transceivers. Not only is the TX680 packed with features, its circuit design incorporates a super sensitive receiver with front end filtering and a powerful 3 Watt transmitter. The TX680 is not just another one of the many compact units currently on the market today. GME have spent a considerable amount of time engineering the TX680 to fulfill the needs of our users and meet the performance expectations that GME products are renown for.

What sets the TX680 apart from the rest of the pack is its superior performance. The TX680 has a full three Watt RF output which is six times the power of many units on the market today. For close range communications the transmitter can be switched to one Watt to increase the available talk time. The receive sensitivity and front end filtering of the TX680 meets GME's high standards and you will find the unit is unbeatable in all areas. The TX680 comes complete with a flexible antenna, carry case, desktop charger and a 1000 mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Pack with enough power for a full days work.

Will scan through all 40 channels
Dual Watch
Allows you to set the Radio to monitor any two selected channels
This feature allows you to select one of the 38 codes per channel
When speaking, the radio automatically detects your voice and transmits wihtout the need to press the PTT (Push To Talk) button
Roger Beep
When activated, the radio will send a short 'beep' when the PTT button is released
Duplex Capable
Used to access one of the many UHF repeaters around the country
Calling Tone
One of five ringing tones can be selected and transmitted on any channel to alert other users that you are trying to make contact
Auto Power Save
After a period of not transmitting or receiving, the radio automatically switches to power save mode
Key Pad Lock
When activated, the front buttons are disabled preventing accidental key press
Accessory Connection
The radio provides a connection socket for the optional ear and speaker microphone
Monitor Switch
Pushing the monitor switch will open the radio squelch
LCD Display
The battery level and signal indicators are displayed along with the selected functions
IP54 Ingress Protected
Protection against entry of dust in sufficient quantity to interfere with satisfactory operation of equipment Protection against splashing and spraying water from all practicable directions

TX680 Radio
Removable Flexible Antenna
1000 mAh Li-Ion Battery Pack
Semi-Quick Charger
AC Adapter
Carry Case


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Thats pretty slick. 3 full watts in a hand held rocks. So, am I understanding this correctly? That walkie, will bounce a signal from a repeater and keep going? So there is really no limits to the length it can travel as long as there is a repeater the signal can reach? If so, thats fricking awesome!

Yeah, trippy s*** available these days, trippy s***. If I'm lucky I might be able to save on phone calls:D Mum and Dad are about 10 mile away...could get a ping? It's mainly for emergencies for them. Theres so many dead spots down here where there's no cell phone signal. Anything goes down on a trip hopefully they'll be able to contact someone. If they never need to use it then that's good!!

Got a few pic's on my block today.


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Greg- how's the VHB on your hood scoop holding up?

Super solid mate!! Thanks for that tip, it's hard to believe tape is that strong. I've had her up to 95mph and the scoop hasn't budged. Definitley all good.:thumbsup:

Greg have you read the tags on this thread? :bsnicker:

Yeah Nate hehee, good for a laugh hahaha.:D:thumbsup:

Well the other aerial showed it's face, so I thought why not?... Dual whips.


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Twice the fun mate!! Looking good. :thumbsup:

Hell yeah! Cheers mate:chug:

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Quick question. Are both aerials connected to the same radio? If so, how does that work?

Just wondering. :dunno: