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m5od-r1 5 speed

February 4, 2011
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96 xlt
Having problems with transmission slipping out of gear only when downshifting if i accelerate it goes into gear fine. All gears seam to work great just when i downshift there is a noise .

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No it stays in .it doesnt pop out. It just sounds like the gears are slipping.only when i downshift,people are telling me syncros,but ive had those go before and you couldnt even get it in gear.

4x4? If so its your transfer case, not transmission.

Ive had the transfer case go before and it will not go into gear at all when it goes.this only happens when i downshift .if i give it gas and up shift it works.

Still sounds like transfer case to me.

If you downshift and are not on the gas you're getting a grinding noise correct?
Upshift and get on gas and no noise correct?

What about reverse?

Does 4 Low make any difference?

Transmission has bad output shaft i think.i replaced transmission with on from a 1994 ranger and changed the top piece so that my shifter wasnt in the dash and now it gets stuck in 5th gear .i took the gear shifter off and replaced the plasitic o ring at the shifter and still has problems .oh well time to get another trans.