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m5od-r1 problem, please help


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January 22, 2009
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2002 ranger
so today i went to back out of a parking lot, threw it into reverse and all was fine, i stoped, put it in first, began to let and the clutch and just heard this spinning/ mild grinding noise, and the car would only lurch forward inches at a time.
i put it in second, gave it a little more gas and the same thing happened.
put it back into reverse and reverse worked, but i had lost all forward gears.
i shut it off and sat and tried to think of what could be wrong, then i started it again, tried first and it worked fine. managed to drive home, but the whole way i had a hard time downshifting, the shifter was just really reluctant to move.
now its parked in the driveway and im not sure what to do, i dont know much about trannys, and i dont wanna tare into it until i can get a little more info, if anyone has an idea as to what could be goin on it would be great,

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Pull the shifter out and see if your bushings took a dump. that's a quick and easy start.

Does it work right if you start the engine with the tranny in 1st and then let the clutch out?

well it wont malfunction again, so im having a hard time troubleshooting it, but i havent actually drivin it since it happened, cuz im worried that it will leave me stranded at a stop light refusing to go into gear.
so all ive done is driveway tests, and its worked fine on all of then