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Mach audio question


March 27, 2010
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Chicago ridge, il
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98 explorer limited 5.0
Hello all! Well, to start off i have a 1998 explorer with the mach audio system. The person that had it before me took the radio out of it and put an aftermarket in it. I went to my local junk yard today and I looked for any explorer i could find. Needless to say i found some. The only problem was that none of them had the mach audio system. They had the JBL system in them. I've been looking for a radio for the last three week and to no avail. So, at this point i am ready to get a new head unit. Now, I have a 1992 town car and took the JBL system out of a signature series from my junk yard. All i took was the JBL amp, the amp for the sub, the housing, and the sub. . I have a sony head unit in my tc and I hooked up the JBL amp, and the sub, and the amp for the sub and I didn't have to change any wiring on it or put a different amp for the sub. I was wondering, do I have to change something around to make the audio system work? Because right now as it is, I'm going to change the speakers and put kenwood all around except the sub. I really appreciate the help guys!

oh, the other thing is that I dont have the normal plugs for my harness. I have three instead of two. They are square. The ends of two of them have a red face on them that would connect to the stock radio and the other one is just black