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Mach Audio salage ?s

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June 18, 2003
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Homer + Anchorage, Alaska
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1992 Explorer
I found a Limited Edition Explorer (98-01 model) in a junkyard with a Mach Audio system in it (AM/FM/cass/6CD). I'm thinking it would be pretty cool in my Ranger.

What do I need to grab besides the four speakers, the subwoofer and the reciever? I understand there is an amplifier integrated into the reciever, is there another for the subwoofer, and where would it be? Is the 6CD changer part of the reciever(In-dash), or is it a separate unit?

Any thoughts on wiring the reciever in are more than welcome, I'll look more for that info on some Ranger forums though.

Try to grab as much as you can, including the wiring harness for the system. You have the sub and the sub amp to grab. Also, the CD-Changer should have its own wiring so get that too. The door speakers aren't really important other than the front ones because they're plate speakers (tweeter and woofer are located separately). I think that's all you need to grab. But IMO, I'd rather get a new system instead of getting another stock system. Good luck!