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Mach Power Antenna


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February 18, 2005
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Tolland, CT
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2000 Mountaineer
My newly-acquired '00 Mountaineer has the Mach audio, without a power antenna. IDK whether the existing antenna is original, but I want to add the power antenna. Did all Mach systems come with connectors for the power antenna?

If so, I think I should be able to mount an Explorer power antenna and simply plug it in. If not, how would I connect one?

Appreciate any help!

the headunit has a "remote on" wire... without a power antenna, that wire is used to turn on an amp, but is also used to turn on the antenna motor to move the antenna up.

I just removed the antenna from my rolled 99 parts donor Explorer. There are three wires going to it, plus the antenna wire. It's all one piece, with a bracket, and the top cover pieces, and three torx screws. With the correct radio, it should bolt into any 95+ Explorer, etc. Good luck,