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mach radio help


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April 13, 2006
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chicago IL
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2017 xlt 4wd
Hi gang i was wondering if you can give me some help ? I have a 2001 explorer 4dr xlt with a non mach radio, i would like to upgrade to a mach radio and stock subwoofer . i was hopeing you could give me any advise or information that i could use before i tackle this job , and is it even worth the time or trouble to install it.

thanks joe

The MACH radio is nice - I like the RDS feature it has, and it has a bit more power. However, the upgrade is not just plug and play, since you'll need to run power and audio back to the sub. It's not too difficult, but definitely a couple hour job.

Some here say it's just as easy to get a good aftermarket system (with more power, features, etc.), however I have yet to find an aftermarket stereo that would look good in my truck, and I hate the silly adapter you need in order to use a normal DIN radio.

I did the MACH upgrade and I like it. I opted to do an aftermarket subwoofer/amp (MTX thunderform + Infinity amp). The system works great, and matches the rest of my stock interior.