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Mach Subwoofer levels


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November 4, 2005
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98 Sport
Hi guys,
Does anyone know if the MACH Dual Media Tape / CD Disc Radio subwoofer output conforms to the standard 2.0 volt peak to peak preamp standard. I am going to install one in my 98 sport and want to hook it up to the line level inputs on my MTX thunderform amplified subwoofer. The Radio is a Model# YL2F-18C868-CA.

Thanx in advance

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Voltages isnt the only issue. You should also check into the impedance which is usually around 600ohms. I would use a line out converter before taking the chance of messing up the input on the amp.

Thanx Terry. Line out converter would be seeing only mid and high range from the mach head unit. I was hoping to get the impedence and any other info that everyone might have. I may have to put it on the bench and measure everything.

I wouldn't think that a factory FORD radio would have a subwoofer specific output. The factory amp probably is receiving a full range output and has some kind of built in xover or filter. Need someone else input on this.

The factory mach radio has a separate subwoofer output and an internal crossover. This is the so-called audiophile system. I guess as I learn from this I'll post my findings. The premium radio doesn't have the subwoofer output. Both radios have the RDF system. Ford audio is sometimes very confusing. I presently have the premium radio with the separate 6 disc cd changer and an MTX thunderform amplified subwoofer using speaker level inputs. The cd player in the head unit is going out and I got a good deal on an updated mach head unit. I guess it isn't too common to use a factory mach head unit and an aftermarket sub. I just want the factory look in the dash.

The subwoofer output is a differential circuit, also known as balanced. To use it for an aftermarket sub amp requires a loc with differential inputs and non balanced outputs-RCA. I found the locb.2 worked great. Also the remote turn on is 5 volt, also known as high audio mute. A low voltage trigger module works great to pump it to 12 volt level. This allowed the entire system to mute as with the stock subwoofer and amp. I also found that my stock premium head unit has subwoofer output that works with the locb.2 . It's all a learning process. My MACH head unit has an internal 150 HZ crossover, while the premium just seems to send all frequencies to the sub. Answered my own question I guess.