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Mach subwoofer replacement

It's a lot easier to find a 8" sub than a 6.5" one. If the JL 6W0 (which can replace the factory 6.5") is too expensive for your budget (even at ~$50 on ebay), then throwing in a cheap 8" by enlarging the factory hole is the way to go. You CAN get the 8" box from a 95-01, but that also involves messing with swapping out the boxes and messing with the wiring, just hacking the stock box you have now and wiring up the sub and mounting it would probably be easier.

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Spare parts should be easier to come by now, they are turning up in salvage yards now. I have a spare sub box from both a 93 and 98, plus a used JL 10" 0W speaker(came with Stealthbox).

If anyone changes the sub amp to an aftermarket, you need to know about the second signal in the line, a 5v mute signal. It supposedly affects the bass if you don't remove the 5v signal. I had five RCA preouts installed in my Mach recently. Good luck,

Mate I've been intouch with you over other matters but talking subs ,I've retro fitted a sub in my xlt and for one reason or another can't seem to get it to work .I bought a sub on Ebay and it was blown .I bought a later sub 06 but found now it is a dual sub and is not suitable for the 99 what would you all recommend ? Infinity for the 99 or go for the dual amp for the 06 sub then would the wiring in my 99 suit the dual sub /amp? Cheers Foxy

Foxy do you have a factory Mach radio, which is the only one with a sub output? The real issue is the OEM wiring, only factory Mach trucks will have all of the wiring to plug in. Regards,

I'm not sure if it is a mach but I believe it is . I have also retro fitted a cd changer and I spliced the amp of the sub into my radio sub but using a secound battery and a 200 amp alternator. The sub did work but as it was blown the diaphragm had come adrift of the housing it sounded terrible. The radio can control the amp -sub ie vol tone and so forth Cheers Foxy

Don ,
little mistake I wrote above .I spliced the radio AMP and the sub AMP together and they work

The Mach and Premium radio both have "RDS" buttons and not a "CLOCK" button.
The Mach is the only one that came with the subwoofer(5 outputs). The Premium has four outputs, all full range.


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i run two tens and my stock sub set up in my 92 eddie, you can deff hear that stock sub gettin the crap kicked outa it, i would love to go bigger and better, like a ten, but i aint got the cash te get the new howsing for the stock, an 8 wouldnt be to bad, but i dont know the cheepest and easiest way to get that that sub hloe any bigger!
any help??????
remember im tryin to get a 5speed for the exploder! so i havent really got the cash! thanks!
Godbless TJ

Don, You are right I worked it out that I can use my 06 dual sub in my 9/99 set up. The oe amp(single) was over heating until I joined the secound wires into the pos wire from my single amp pos to pos and neg to pos . It's not ideal but it works well until I can afford a dual Amp .The sub is virtually working at half pace.Yes my head unit doesn't have the sub outlet so that's why I spliced into my radio amp but running my amp- sub only on a seperate battery(dual battery system)
93explorer4life; mate I asked in the explorer forums items for an 8" sub and I was fortunate enough to get one for 50.00 US this is oe just ask mate you never know .The oe is not toooo bad as some would say but mate give it a go GOD bless and you all have a great and safe Easter Cheers Foxy