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MAF resistance help


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July 16, 2007
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Hi. I test at this moment all my sensors for over-resistance. For the people who own a 1991-1994 Explorer 4.0 pushrods I may need your help.

Unplug the mass air flow plug and test the resistance between the D and a ground of the MAF like that i will know if my resistance is good.
You have A B C D written on the maf so

A= B+
B= ground
C= ground
D= Signal

I need the resistance between the signal D and the ground C .

Thnak you guys

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according to my diagnostic chart DC18, the resistance between Pin 9 (C) and Pin 50 (D) should be over 10,000 Ohms.

thank you mister. but what chart are you talking about..can we see it ?

they are part of an automotive diagnostics program

i would post the specific page but i do not have an option for attachments for some reason (perhaps i have not posted enough times or that i am not an elite member). i, also, do not have a site to store files for linking to.

it states what i posted earlier but with more wording and with a diagram for MAF wiring.

you have the option but you should prepare the pictures correctly because when you dont pay on this forum you are really limited in pictures