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Magnadyne alarms??


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October 18, 1999
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I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the magnadyne alarms that sells? I have been looking inot a good alarm for a decent price. Can anyone help. Witht the 1/3 off cupon I could save alot. But I want to make sure its a good brand. They dont give you much info though. I guess I will call them to see what the kits include. I would like, but dont need a alarm with remote start. I think it would be a very nice convience.
Any help is appreciated,

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I'm not sure about Magnadyne systems. Never really looked into them, nor do I know anyone who owns one. On the up side BobbySimmon just posted a 1/3 off cupon! But its only in duration for two more weeks. I don't know if you have a Best Buy close to where you live but I purchased a Hornet alarm system with remote start for around $230 from them. I don't know if thats in your price range or not but its a great alarm system and I've had no problems with it.

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