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magnaflow-flowmaster conversion


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March 9, 2002
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1991, explorer xlt
alright i have the 50 series flowmaster. It's nice but i want something a bit louder and the 40 series wont fit my system cause its too short. so is there a magnaflow muffler that i could put on and it would be louder and would fit. just curious of some options

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Is your flowie single in/single out?

Nevermind.. I've got a dual 2"/ single 2.5" out Magnaflow but it wouldn't work for your application

I wonder how much Hokie would sell that to a good friend of him named X~Factor... ;)

X~Factor wants it? Its been installed on my truck since January. I had to put on a resonator to calm things down a bit. Now its slightly louder than stock, but has a nice growl when you step on it

Would you know if the Magnaflow is louder than the 40-series Flowmaster?

Hey! I've got the exact same one if he falls through ;)

You can make the 40 series work easy. Just have to weld a 4" extension onto either the inlet or outlet. Why you'er taking that great sounding 50 series off for a noisy 40 is beyond me. What, what'd ya say, I cann't hear you? :)

Mangaflow will NOT be louder than a flowmaster 40.

what size extension would i have to put on for the 40 series, like i dont mean width i mean tofit insede tubing tightly. and when i order it is it the 40 series delta flow?