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Main Divide at Sunset...


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March 4, 2007
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anaheim hills,california
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95 ranger 4x4/ 91 X 4x4
...bunch of pics....ok, work has been crazy and i had to go wheeling or i was going to lose it...i called my buddy who has been on a few of my current jobs as i knew he was bugging too....he used to have a 4x ranger, grew up in yuma, and did a lot of running in his trucks in the desert there so i knew it wouldn't take to much to talk him into going for a run in my project X...we took his and my camera's and he has a zoom lense...the pics i took i will post here...his was a little better because of the zoom but they were the same...

...we hurried up the hill as we didn't leave town till 5:30...we got to the top at sunset...what a beautiful evening after being in the 90's...this whole summer has been in the 100's and this was the first time it was about 80 at sunset...the views were great for a change...i did have to take some poser pics of my truck, and soon to follow, i will post the pics of the views...:D





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...the first 2 pics are of catalina island...the next 2 are looking over irvine lake, across the ocean at the palos verde peninsula...the last one is looking toward corona with a jet coming in...enjoy...:D






...anybody for an afternoon run during the week???

I wish! But I am trapped in the office until 6 PM every night. :rolleyes:
By the way, I'm clear up in the middle of that last picture, behind those hills, I think! Can you see me waving? :wavey:

...i was asking my buddy, do you know that person waving to us way back there on that hill, lmao....:D

ROFL Yep! That'd be me! :bounce:

...(pause)...waiting for froader to jump in, lol....

Hey! He doesn't have much room to talk! Have you checked out what his "interests" are in his profile? :bsnicker:, that's every guys interest...;)

...and you guys and gals, if you want to do this run during the week or weekend, let me know...:D

hey i'll bring the 2wd ranger out, she's got bfg's on her.....need to wear out the last leg of the ol' clutch anyway......

Hey, you two! You know who you are...

click here!

I know a lot of ladies that have my same interests, btw. :D at froader...izwack is rubbing off on you...i hope it's not contagious....:D

Seriously, this is a lot of fun and I appreciate the laughs. It makes for a nice day and ya'll are great people!
I feel a little guilty being here, since I sold my Explorer a while back, though. I've been thinking about shutting it down for a while but I keep getting all this neat information about home improvement, tools and what not from here! I hope ya'll don't mind if a stick around! :D

A 2000 Toyota Camry. I couldn't afford to keep the Explorer (since it is a major gas guzzler) so I decided to go for economy and comfort. I may look in to getting another Explorer (or SUV of some kind) once I am closer to work, though.

Oh! And, yes, I do like offroading! I just haven't had a lot of time lately to join in the fun! :(

Hmmm... I wonder if they have lift kits for Camrys!! :scratch: ROFL

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...everyone is always welcome on the runs...i guess i missed out on the home improvement stuff...i would suggest this weekend but i think i might be working...