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Main Divide Road in the O.C. Oct. 17th 2010

...The trucks that made it before the run..

..Heading into Silverado..

...My spotter doing her thing..

...The trucks at the first stop...

...A scenic shot...

...The end of the trail where we ate lunch...

...And yes, there were really MRE's served up hot...:D

..and even the spotters wanted in on the MRE's..:rolleyes:

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...We had all split up after the run...A couple guys headed towards Elsinore for the 15 and 3 of us head toward San Juan Capistrano to catch the 5...

...Just below El Cariso station and just above San Jaun station right where they put the new big barrier wall to keep cars from flying off the edge, a single car wreck occurred...:(

..We are in the uphill lane as we originally were headed down hill...The new barrier was not harmed in this incident..

...This was taken right after the accident while I was stopping cars coming uphill on the blind curve...The whole drivers side and rear smashed into the granite wall and bounced out to where it is scene in this pic...:eek:

...After my new 20' pro comp freebie strap got used and the vehicle got pulled to the edge of the road...

...These are about 2 1/2 hours later when the tow truck brought the X down to the San Juan station...Sorry as it was drizzling pretty good by then and the lens got wet...



So sorry to hear about the accident :(, but glad to know you're OK. Won't quite buff out I guess? ;)

Here's a sunny pic. No matter what happened today... things will be OK.


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Dunno, maybe I'll let Joe Dirt do his magic.:D I had a great time, I wouldn't say it was worth the Ex. But it's done and over with no reason to get worked up over it. On to the search for a new Ex, any help in locating one would be much appreciated.

Maybe I should set up a thread for donations ;)

How much for the slightly crunched sport:D

That suck though:(

2000 Sport, Lightly used: OBO. :D

Seriously, cut the roof off behind the "B" pillar, cage age run with it:thumbsup: I'd pay a few hundred for it:p: I'll give $500 credit towards JP:D

it'll buff out... wow that ex too a beat...... what made the ass walk out though? wet weather and bad traction or?


WOW!! did not expect to see this when I logged on tonight....
Seems like youre ok which is good. :thumbsup:

sorry about the X though... now I guess is your chance to get a 4x4 and coilovers we were talking about all day :p:

what an unexpected turn of events..

well heres my pictures not much different than the others...

before leaving..

view from up at the towers.



first stopping point..


heading up right after we broke through the clouds..

they made us white explorers go park by ourselves :( haha


heres a little glimpse into the visibility on the way down.....

during our BS-ing time afterwards

good day. realized i really need new shocks....stock ones arent cutting it and my back is making me pay for the rough ride right now....
..and I have to replace my belt tensioner before truckhaven this coming weekend.

Wow, i was not expecting to see any carnage or damage pics in this thread. Glad to see you're okay though.

...Keeper's looking for another second gen X sport as a DD so if anyone knows of one for sale, let him know asap...4x4 preferred..:shifty_ey

..Dirtdigger, don't forget to get that screw pulled out and patched...:hammer:

...Camping was brought up so we will be planning another get together this winter which will include camping....;)

...See you all at Truckhaven this weekend...:burnout:

glad to hear everyone is OK

Never a dull Moment in EF land :p:

You can say that again. Gotta try to find the bright side in it all. I know have a chance to find a 4x4, I've got a ton more experience, and I've got a great community to help me along the way.

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...Glad we ran this trip when we did...The original date was in the 100's and this week we are getting pounded with heavy thunderstorms...:(

...I'm pretty sure the trail will be closed by this weekend do to fear of landslides...:eek: