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Major problem!!!!!!!!


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January 7, 2008
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01 XLT
2001 Explorer XLT 4.0SOHC 4wd

So tonight noticed all of a sudden when i was driving i went to stop lightly and a very loud rubbing type noise came from somewhere under the truck or the rear. Now The transmission even when its not in 4wd whines excessivly when i take off lighty i can hear a light rubbing noise that sounds like its rubbing at a spot i have no idea what it is Also when i shift my truck into reverse there is a loud clunk that is heard and felt when i go in reverse and stop there is also a clunk heard and felt earlier tonight as i was driving a heard a squeaking sound as well it didnt do that on my drive home. But its never clunked into gear like that before and ive never heard the whining sound like that and light rubbing sound if i take off slow bad u-joint??? I had my front rotors replaced today would that have anything to do with it i dont thing so???? Also when i come to a stop there is also a weird rubbing sound i hear as it slows down??? im stumped it just started doing this please help.

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This is a strange problem i cant really describe the rubbing sound its almost like a woob woob woob sound...

If you just had the rotors replaced the same day, odds are that's your problem. Did you lube the caliper at all? Maybe the extra thickness of the new rotors are causing problems with the calipers. Also check to make sure a dust shield didn't get bent into the rotor. One of them could be rubbing.

i would also look @ bearings....

also if the shop used an impact, it could have warped the new rotors... coincidentally, all the fords i have ever driven have had that whoop whoop sound and nothing was ever wrong with any of them

my "cupped" tires make a sound like that. I have bad ball joints so my tires are shot. did you look for cupping?