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Make H2 Rims fit my Ex?

Hey i have a quick question and i did some searching around but couldn't find a good enough answer.

I might have the possibility to get a set of H2 rims for really cheap they are the 8 lug i believe i think its 6 on 8 or 6.5 on 8 ... not sure? They are the standard ones. Anyways... i was wondering i there is a way to adapt the wheels to fit my ex. I was trying to figure out if there is a wheel spacer/bolt pattern spacer or something i could get..
Or if they could be re-drilled or something.

I know it sounds like a newb question and thats cuz i pretty much am.
I know 97 V8 did his mounty and has the H2 rims i want on it but he went with the axle swap changed everything around. I am talking about keeping my doofy IFS for right now... and trying to get these to fit!

If you have any info or help or advice... let me know... even if its "Why would you want to do that!"

Whatever.. and thanks... if you are going to tell me to search a bit.. then at least tell me what to search because i have spent a while trying to search and can't find a good answer.

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doh ... thanks

could you point me towards someone who may make adapters that i can track down?

ok thanks sorry... i thought that was in your signature for some reason... Thanks Froader..:D

ill keep checking .. and if i do .. i definately will take lots of pics!

Everything is possible-you could probably get wheel spacer-adapters made, but it would be in the area of 800 bux when finished I bet, and would widen the track at least 1" also I would imagine.
That is I think you could go that route--:confused: sounds like abuse to the hubs to me though, as this would increase side load leverage to the bearings-

That amount of $$ would just about buy your front solid axle also.
Even though the gratification will not be instant in the later alternative, it is a good thought. You could get the wheels you want, then be on the correct road to making them fit.

Or you could just roll what you have. :cool:

I have been looking at, and stubbing toes on, a planned set of wheels and tires for about a year now. If it wasn't for the gravity issue, they could fit. Oh well, I'll keep fighting it.:D

How's the kid doing?:D

ahh i see.. I do want to go SAS SOA in the future.. but i live in an apartment right now and i have no tools or room to do it and i ain't paying someone to do it when i want to learn to do it all myself...

The little one.. thanks for asking.. she i sitting right here next to me... looking cute and growing by the minute.. she is finally starting to sleep through the night now so that is nice!!
Here is a somewhat current pic of her.. i have to get some more on here!
I hope she turns out to love wheelin!:D


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i am waiting on a response from a company... ill post tomorrow because they said 24-48 hour response... we will see!

huh wha? :D

haha.. thats great!

97 i really dig your mounty! dug i guess... well.. you know what i mean!:D

she may be done, but not for the count. Already found a body. I will have the last laugh, not the dam tree that will become firewood.

company i talked to responded with a big NO.. they dont make em.. ill keep searching... it would be cool but i am not going to spend $500 on spacers that are 1.9" wider that would bust up my IFS stuff..

97 i guess ill have to copy you and go SAS and do it right;)
Cant wait to see your rig up again!

PS: you got any shots of how you did your winch and all? i would love to see that!

thanks but that is the company i asked.. they said they do not make the spacers for my application.
Its ok.. no big hurry.. ill keep looking.. thanks for the info though!

Nice Ex BTW!!

for your application? let me guess...they had all explorer listings and they had no mounty's in the catalog? ask them for whatever adapters/spacers they have for 95'-01' X's don't mention that you have a mountaineer it will just confuse whoever is on the phone cause most non-explorer/mounty people do not know they are identical in every way...

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oops just noticed you had XLT sorry i guess they were right then about not having none...