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Make it sound nice


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October 24, 2009
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Irwin (Near Pittsburgh) PA
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97 X, 89 Bronco II
I have a 1989 Bronco II that I'm swapping a 4.0 into it. The engine has standard exhaust manifolds and cats. I'm looking for some suggestions on what kind of of muffler I can use to give it a nice sound. I know its never going to sound like a big block or a V8 but I thought maybe someone out there has done the same swap and tried a certain muffler with good results. I don't want it to sound like rice or a lawnmower just as deep as possible with a nice tone. Looking forward to your input. Thanks

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how loud and how much rumble?

I really liked the Dynomax Superturbo on my explorer. It seemed to be the deepest with a clean sound and no rasp at all.

Hmm, not sure how to answer that. If it were a gauge I guess I would want 3/4 deflecting.

It's your call, but I like the way Froader describes the sound of the Dynomax.

Froader, Do you have a V8 or the 4.0? If you have the V8 My sound will be different I have a 4.0 stock manifolds and cats.

It was a stock 4.0 in my 92.

I had a Magnaflow on my other 92 which also sounded pretty good. It was louder than the dynomax, but not as deep and still a clean sound.

i have a dynomax of some kind in my bII with the 2.9, it sounds pretty good for a wimpy 2.9, ill leave the same one in there with my 4.0, hopefully it sounds pretty darn good

i would way that flows are pretty damn loud in terms of volume, ancd they have a shaky rumble to them, and magnaflows are more quiet with not as much rattle to their rumble. its more of a cleaner sound. thats how i would describe them. the gibsons sound more like flows to me.