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Making a tube bumper...


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October 24, 2004
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Paoli, IN
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'96 Sport
howdy y'all,

I'm wanting to make me some tube bumpers. I'm looking for something simple, kinda like the smittybuilt src like boominX put on his mounty. Lets just say i'll prob stick with the front for now. How much tubing would I need to build a front bumper? I was thinking possibly around 25 ft, hoping that it'll allow enough room for screwups. A guy in my offroad club has some tubing for sale for $2.50 a ft, so I figure I might try to buy some from him before he runs out.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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I used like 40 with the f-ups for my rear...thats with the tire carrier tho...



I guess 25 might do it...So its gunna be a double stack with a hoop?

I think I used about 15 ft of tube on the front .. but of course it depends on how you design your bumper.


I love the homemade shackles LOL!

hey, they were free, i think theyre stronger than most(besides the lack of crossbar:eek: ), and they lifted it...

IZ, something simple like yours is what i'm shootin for. I would really love to build a winch mount in to it as well. Do you have any closeup pics of your bumper? or a link on here?

Do you have any closeup pics of your bumper? or a link on here?
These shots are before the middle-bottom bar was added (purpose of this bar is to protect the winch a little)



these are the mounting tabs along with the platform that the winch sits on (which is independant of the bumper)

waiting on paint to dry:

I've lifted one corner of the vehicle by placing a Hi-Lift on the part of the bumper directly under the outter corner of the headlights. The triangulation helps prevent the bumper from collapsing/bending vertically.

thanks man, that looks sweet! cgriffen, I love that bumper as well. I might start on mine in a couple of weeks.