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Maniak - Tucson, Az - 1992 Explorer

EDIT: I lost the pics in the older posts, but the later posts have pictures again.

Specs as of 10/13 (as far as I can remember)

1992 Ford Explorer XLT 4x4
700r4 transmission using Advanced Adapters kit
fl1a filter & mount re-tasked for external transmission filter
2 transmission coolers mounted in front of the a/c condenser
10" fan from a geo prism mounted on 1 cooler with Relays & a capacitor to control transmission cooler fan.
Rancho RS9000 shocks (rear)
Front/Rear sway bars removed
BFG AT 32x11.50 on 15X8 rims
Modified stock axle pivot bracket (pass side) to increase strength
Extended steel braided brake lines - (had to modify stock fitting on front driver side)
4.10 Gears
Detroit Locker in Rear
Trac lock from Jeep Dana 35 in front TTB D-35
Warn Manual hubs
Custom front bumper (designed for maximum approach angle)
New roof rack cross bars using stock sliders to hold Coleman basket
Custom Tube rear bumper (designed for maximum departure angle)
Extended Front/Rear Diff breather lines
Rear shock mounts moved to Swaybar mounts.
Extended Stock Radius arms with Ballistic Joints and custom mounts.
F-250 shock mounts with 32" long Rs9000 shocks.
SOA using a modified OME-36 spring pack and stock shackles (ruffstuff spring perch)
C-Clip eliminated using Echo spring and split colar
LED rock lights
Pair of 6" LED light bars from TWF on front bumper
Pair of 5" halogen lights on front bumper
3/16 steel welded to bottom of front TTB after fixing the Dent/crack in the bottom of the Beam.
Many Cracks in Beam welded up..
Opened front axle beam window
Moved Cat Converter back almost 12" to free up room next to trans.

Audio upgrades
Kenwood CD player (don't remember model number)
Sony XPLOD - 754 (350watt.. 75x4) for mains
American Pro 400 watt rms x 1 for sub
Clarion Pro 5x7 plates (front doors)
Rockford Fosgate 5x7 - 2 way (rear door)
MTX Thunderform Sub enclosure
Custom storage compartment in rear for spare parts and even more tools (REBUILT 10/13)

Soon to be done..
Ranger rear spring mode.. (off the list)
Rock Sliders
Tire carrier on rear bumper

SOA thread: Another SOA in progress
Rear Bumper thread: rear tube bumper..
Extended RA w/ ballistic joint thread: Extended RA with ballistic joints on a 92
Skidplate strengthening: Skidplate enhancement pics.
LED rock light upgrade: My Rock Light Upgrade


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More updates later in the thread

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Didn't notice I never updated this..

Went to buy a set of Ranger Modifed rear springs.. and ended up with a set of OME springs instead..

new pics with OME springs a a coil spring spacer on the drivers side front spring to lift it equal to the passenger side..

Dead Link Removed

Dead Link Removed

I liek it

No update since 2001.. what the heck, where are the pictures! PS Ilike the neon lol

updated pictures

hrm.. it has been a while..

Here a few updates..
Rear springs were replaced with OME (Old Man emu) 36 springs (ome-36) which are 2" lift (these came off or Rick Horwitz's pumpkin, before the pumpkin conversion)
Transmission is now a 700r4
Tires are now 33x12.50... (front fenders were modified with a sawzall while in the parking lot of the tire store)
Double RA washers in front of the bushing to push the axle forward some.
more miles.. (3496xx miles as of this week)
More dents..

Thats what I can think of now..

Here are a couple vids:
Glamis sand dunes...
Back way to Crown King...

BTW.. the Neon paint is actually house paint, put on with a brush (Yolanda was impatient and didn't want to wait for me to paint it)..



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nice x u got there

I think it's about time you updated this.

Its not too much different.. yet.. :) except now it has around 375k miles..

I hope to get some new pics from Truckhaven..

once I'm back I'll start on the next set of mods..


Actually i thought you had already done the SOA, but i just read in the T-haven thread you haven't. But i'm looking forward to seeing it in the future.

Nice rig you got there. Looking forward to doing some similar mods to my 92 Sport.

whats the chance you could email me a pic of your vacuum manifold. i have a missing hose. I think.

Mine won't look like yours.. I have a 700r4 chevy transmission installed and over 380k miles on the truck. That means my vacuum lines aren't routed the same way....

Basically, You should have lines to/from the following if applicable...
Cruise control
Fuel Pressure Regulator
a couple are capped.. sometimes 3 depending on the vehicle.


nice x's guys! I cant wait till i get the lift on mine. I know i need to get some pics up here soon. promise it will happen lol I'm thinking of going with SOA in the rear and a 5.5 situation up front. Any thoughts would help out a lot.

Wow, I haven't updated this in forever.

Here is what it currently has as of 1/2011

Duff 2.5" lift kit with Duff 3.5" lift springs.
Extended Stock Radius arms with Ballistic Joints
F-250 shock mounts with 32" long Rs9000 shocks.

Modified OME-36 leaf springs. I added 1 leaf from an f-150 to help the sagging of the springs (lots of hard miles are on the OME springs).
Warrior 153 shackles.
old rs9000's

Drive train:
Still running the 4.0 OHV, but we rebuilt it at 355k miles. Its been 30k miles since the rebuild.
700r4 transmission (thanks to Advanced Adapters for making the adapters)
4.10's gears with Detroit in the rear with a rock-crusher diff cover on the rear and the c-clip eliminator on the front axle.

Its now sitting on 33x12.50's and still running the 15x8 steel cheapie rims.

Still using the front bumper we made and I just made new roof rack cross bars so the roof basket is no longer holding onto the plastic cross bars.

Just to put some of the project pics up in 1 place...

Lego motor (during rebuild).

engine-rebuild 019 by maniak_az, on Flickr

Extended Radius arms with Ballistic Joints.

Build-day3 016 by maniak_az, on Flickr

f-250 shock mount.

shock-mount 002 by maniak_az, on Flickr

f-250 mount with 3.5" duff springs with extended Radius arms.

Build-day3 005 by maniak_az, on Flickr

Front stuff and rear droop

truckhaven-57 by maniak_az, on Flickr

Front droop and rear stuff

truckhaven-56 by maniak_az, on Flickr

This is how I mounted my new cross bars to the factory rails. I'm using 4 of the factory square nut/sliders in the rail for each cross bar. I use the nut/bolt combo to tighten the cross bar to the slider and have it all tight in the rail. Thanks to Corkey and Gmanpaint for helping me design the mounts.

roof rack cross bar mount close up 2 by maniak_az, on Flickr


your Ex has always been a big inspiration for me. glad to see it still trucking at over 300k!

Your engine looks like it was made out of Play-Doh. :thumbsup:

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