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Manual 1354 shift fork question


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October 23, 2001
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So I got this manual 1354 that i've had for almost 2 yrs. that i'm gonna swap in place of the elec. 1354 that's in there now. My question is where the forked end of the shift lever mates with the T-case itself.
Is a flared nut the only thing securing the lever to the stud on the T-case or am I missing something?
I have a pic but I need to resize it so i'll post it up tomorrow.

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Im actually interested in this also. I have my manual but never had the time to see exactly how it goes on there.

There's a plastic disc thing that goes over the stud then the fork slips inside the disc and engages 2 "flats". You can find the part on any RBV manual t-case.
You can see the disc on the end of this shift lever, this T-case happens to be a STX 1350.

Thanks Hahns, I knew there was too much play for just the fork itself to be bolted to the stud with the nut. Is this part still available at the dealer?

EDIT: The salvage yards suck around here that's why i'd rather get one from the dealer. Here's a pic that better explains the situation, you can see how much play there is without the piece Hahns describes.


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Your case is missing the shifter lever that is supposed to be on that stud. The shifter lever then engages the "forked" end of the lever you have now.

I did a manual t-case swap on my 91 explorer a few years back and got most of the parts from the dealer. I went in and had them pull up a diagram of my the manual case I was swapping in and just pointed out every part I needed. I had already gotten the linkage from a salvage yard though. Only part I remember them not bein able to get was the big bolt that is smooth in the middle and threaded on the end. I got mine off a f-150 in a salvage yard.

Thanks for the info guys...Mike87, I'll probably end up what you did and have the parts dept. pull up the diagram and get what I need. As far as I can tell all I need is the parts to mate the shift lever to the case.

Bringing this I finally decided to get what I needed to install the manual case in my Ranger, so I thought. I got the plastic bushing the forked shift lever goes into but after reading this thread again i'm gonna need another lever that goes from the bushing to the case.
I can kinda see what it looks like from pic HahnsB2 posted but anyone have a closer pic of the linkage assembled?

Dave, here is what the linkage looks like complete


This is from a 1350 (not a 1354) but the only difference is the bolt hole to the transmission and the lever offset


Steve, I have everything your pic shows. The plastic bushing came in today at the dealer and it fits in the forked end of the linkage. Now I'm under the impression that there is another lever connecting the main linkage to the case itself like it shows in the pic HahnsB2 posted.
I must be missing something because the stud on the case has "flats" like a smaller forked lever fits onto it and then the flared nut secures it.

Dave, if you all in that pic plus the bushing your set. The big bolt should screw right into the side of the trans. and there is another bolt hole right behind the big one that the other frame part mounts in. If you look at Iz's picture his is just missing the 2nd bolt. but it's almost lines up right. Your trans should be fine for mounting because mine was and it's newer;)

Let me know if you don't figure it out from this and I'll snap a pic tommrow for ya;)

Let me know if you don't figure it out from this and I'll snap a pic tommrow for ya;)

Could ya? I hate to sound like a broken record but look at the pic HansB2 posted in post #3 and you see a short lever or piece of linkage
still connected to the case. 4x4junkie mentions this in post #5 as well so i have to think I need that piece plus a bolt to connect it to the main linkage. Let me know if yours has this...thanks:thumbsup:

Mine just whats in the pic i posted i'll take a pic for ya though ;)
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From front looking back...


From under t-case..... <- Rear - Front ->


Aha! see the lever coming off the case with the bend in it? That's what I need to bolt this baby up...thanks Steve:D

Ahhh.. I see. I just thought your t-case had that. Mine came with it;)

Thanks Premier, I actually picked up that cheesy bushing last week at the dealer for a whopping $13:rolleyes: Some of the posts in your link were complaining about $4-$6 for that part:p: Of course that was 4 years ago now. Seems like a bad design to link 2 pieces of metal with plastic like that but what do I know.

Next dilema, I was looking at the wiring between the elec. and manual case. Elec. case has a harness going to the shift motor and a harness going to the VSS (i think that's what it is).
The manual case has the VSS and then a 2 prong plug near the front output shaft that the plug that goes to the 4wd lights on the dash? If so, do I need to find those wires in the shift motor harness?

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Dave, my case just had a big plug in it for the 4wd lights, I just unpluged it and left it. My VSS is in the pig so that is a different thing. I figured I know when it's in 4 wheel:rolleyes:. Only issue is sometimes if I do alot of wheel spinning the trans trys to find the t-case to help with traction (my old t-case was semi-AWD 4405) Then my O/D light blinks because it can't find the t-case. A simple turning the motor on and off resets it.;)