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manual HVAC controls to EACT


August 3, 2009
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Jackson, NJ
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98 XLT
Hello new to here, so please dont chew me out if the answer is on here somewhere...ive searched, but cant seem to find what im looking for. Anyway, here goes; I have a 98 X 4dr XLT 4x4. The dealership I work at, has a 2000 Mountaineer that is one of those cash for clunker cars. It has the EATC and message center in it.. Ive seen how to do the message center on here, and even change the screen color, But, is it possible to chang the HVAC controls to electronic if you have a manual system now???? ANY help is greatly appreciated...I am an MECP certified mobile electronics installer, so wiring will not be an issue,,,,just need a hand on where to begin....Thanks All:exp:

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Yes but it's rather involved, you have to redo some wiring plus you have to take a few parts out (blend door actuator, blower speed controller, temp sensor, sunload sensor, and of course wiring harnesses for all of these things) Try searching for "EATC Conversion"

It has been discussed before but it can still be hard to find some threads sometimes. It seems lately we've getting more requests.

thanx cobra and jackal for the help so far.....i know i need the other parts like the acuator, resistor, and all that stuff....i was gonna take the whole system out of the mounty and put it in mine.......just one thing im not sure of,?, does it matter if the mounty is 5.0 and mine is a 4.0? i think i read somewhere that it matters with the message center, something with the fuel economy...but is it the same for the EATC????

I cannot think of anything where the engine option should matter in this case. If you have an entire system, you are golden! I would go so far as to even replace the evap case under the hood. Might as well have the correct fan controller mounting. They definitely have different part numbers between the two, but I believe the controller/resistor mounting is the only difference. It's not that hard to swap...but you will have to recover/charge your a/c to do it.