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August 1, 2012
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1998 explorer 4dr ohv
  1. Hello, first off if this is in the wrong section i apologize. I realize it is modified once I do the swap but I need info on what these cars came with stock. So... Someone in the 3rd gen sections said I should try and post here as well. It appears the 02 sports are more similar to the 2nd gens. Comparing the suspension alone they are nearly identical.

    I have an 02 explorer 2 door sport 4wd with the SOHC. The auto trans that is in it is shot so its either put a junkyard auto in, which I dont like that idea of or do the swap (yes I could rebuild it but this is a project car not my daily driver and I like manual trans). So to my understanding the m5od-r1 and m5od-r1HD will bolt up to the SOHC with no problems. RIGHT? I just read another thread on here and someone said the sport had a different transmission put in it? Is this correct? It doesnt make sense to me but I have been wrong before! If it is different how is it different?

    I did read the thread by jrood (probably wrong user name sorry?) about the transmission diary. Very helpful. On that note I am aware the computer needs reprogrammed or tricked. I am also aware of the vss sensor in the extension housing.

    To sum up im looking for info on which manual transmission years will bolt up to this engine? I find it hard to believe Ford would have a different transmission for a 2 door when they could just shorten drive shafts? I am I correct in assuming any manual trans with the vss extension housing will bolt up? Also I am aware that technically the HD version is suppose to go with the SOHC since its slightly beefier but looking at the torque rating the regular r1 version should work if I cannot find the HD one in a yard somewhere. Assuming im right that they both bolt up :p?

    Also if there are any full right ups on this kind of swap please direct me! I did a quick search and only found a few that were on sport tracs. If this process is truly the same as the 2nd gens then I have found and red the swap posts on them for a previous swap i did a few years ago!

    Thank you all for the help!

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I see you never got a reply here, and I'm extremely interested in doing the same to my 2000 sport.
I'm reading this Transmission Diary now.

If you've already started this, I'd love to hear of any gotcha's you might have found.

what i hear is the r2 has one hole to engine that is different. the r1 will work just one bolt to engine short,

Hey everyone. I pulled the auto trans about 2 weeks ago and got busy with work. So today I pulled the torque converter off and realized i dont have the correct torq/star sockets to get the freewheel bolts off. So that will have to wait for the weekend.

Some say you can pull it with out removing the exhaust... this is probably true but while trying to undo the bottom bolt on the bell housing I stripped it due to limited space. Ended up cutting the exhaust out any way and drilling that bolt out. As far as the rest of the removal i left the rear drive shaft connected to the transfer case and the front axel connected to the front drive shaft but unbolted from the transfer case. This allows you to swing it out of the way and saves some frustration on the rusted drive shaft bolts.

I have new everything except the transmission which was 300 pulled for me and eventually the clutch/brake pedal assembly. Ill be using the one out of my daily driver to mock it up and mount the master cylinder.

All of this has been done with two jackstands nearly as high as they can go to jack up the front. Nothing was done to the back (except chock the wheels). Didnt bother with a jack for the trans since it didnt work and i had no issues with it just falling to the ground. The manual is light enough to put in by hand with 2 people.

When im done i plan to do a full write up. Ill answer any questions along the way. Im by no means an expert but so far seem to have it figured out... knock on wood.

roscoe 0202 this wouldnt surprise me at all! The auto trans did also have one bolt whole that wasnt used.

And Robert Johnson remove the ENTIRE center console. its a pain, at least the way i did it, but once its gone it give you good access.

Just a quick update in case Robert Johnson is still thinking about doing this? I've been moving slow. Today I got the flywheel and clutch installed. You will need a second person to undo and tighten the flywheel bolts since the engine just spins. You will need a new block plate (aka starter indexing plate, the piece of sheet metal) The Auto one will not work as it interferes with the flywheel plus since it indexes the starter and the manual starter is different it also probably wont work. You can not buy one specifically from an explorer (easily in my area) so use #1L5Z-7007-AA its from a ranger will work just fine.

When you done could you maybe make a list of parts? I am wanting to do this too

Yea I will. Ill be doing something similar to a write up, though I havnt really been taking pictures so itll just be summary.

What are you doing about wiring? I have a for sale thread where I parted out a 03 sport w/manual trans and have all manual conversion parts you need. I still have it all from the engine wiring harness, steering column, computer ect.

BoominXplorer I sent you a message about the wiring. For anyone following this and curious about the wiring at first just to get it running i'll be tricking the computer to think there is still a Auto. Eventually ill be reprogramming it for a manual. But I want get it on the road since by 98 ex (manual too) is approaching a mandatory major rebuild soon. But this 02 desperately needs ball joints and I wanna pull the heads since the previous owners had an oil change 25K miles ago and it didnt have an air filter in it when I got it. ... its a project :p

Can you get a rough shipping quote if that ends up not being to much i'll buy it! I'm on my way out the door to go to dc for a brewing conference for work but will be in contact when i get back home thursday night.

Pm me your address, I'll get a quote.

Hey guys final update! It works! I'll do a brief thread with pics later on. I used the wiring advice from the manual transmission diary. I didn't hook up the solenoid yet and so far its working just fine. I may hook them up eventually to get the codes to go away, not sure. At the moment there is no neutral safety switch installed, I may wire something up or not idk yet.