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manual T-case swap

Man I wish you hadn't done all that, you could have used the sensor that belongs in that case from the 2000 f-150

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Are you 100% sure because im reading a lot of forums where guys are converting it to the gear drive VSS. If it was just that easy then why are they cutting and installing different gears on the shaft? Is this what you did and it worked? Doesn't seem like the computer would accept a different type of VSS. Let me know. thanks for the reply im a sitting duck until I get this fixed. This guy did what im trying to do. go to like post #89

No I m sorry you are right, I've been looking at this on my phone all day and it looks way different on a real screen, keep going, and i would do exactly what you see in that thread

If you have a 1997 explorer your speedo is driven by a speed sensor and gear in the transfer case. The later models got their speed signal from the rear differential. I don't believe a 2000 f150 will work as it used a rear differential speed sensor as well. For mine I was able to find a 1997 f150 to get the transfer case and it was the correct style. As far as the shift boot, I tried the f150 and it just didn't match the contour of the transmission tunnel. I ended up using a boot out of a car a friend was taking to the scrap yard at the time, I believe it was a 90's fiesta or festival??? But I honestly couldn't say for sure now it's been over 4 years and my memory sucks. On the upside I did the lift, bw4406 swap and been on 35's for 4 years and still running great and haven't had a single
Problem with any of it.

Edit: Ok forget everything I said... Lol. All the other posts didn't show up in my phone when I clicked the link. I didn't have to deal with all that, I got lucky and scored the correct year t case very easily for a great price. Hope you get that all figured out!

What U joints do I reuse on my explorer? Am I just buying 1 of the universal U joints and the rest are reused from my vehicle? On every thread everyone talks about the U joints but doesn't say how many are needed or where it goes (front shaft, rear shaft). Thanks

OK so it's all in and my rear drive shaft from the 2000 expedition that I pulled is way to long. By 6 inches. What's going on here? Did I pull the wrong drive line?

Was it an expedition with the 5.4 motor? Cause that's what you need

I could have swore it was. the drive shaft I have from the one I pulled is part number, XL14 - 4602 - BA. the shaft itself is 41 1/4 inches and the entire shaft with slip yoke and flange is 49 inches. Do you know what your shaft size is lol (no ****).

No I dont remember and my wife has the mountineer , but im sure the length is listed in one of the stickys

Found picks of mine with the part number


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OK it's 95% done. I'm stuck on the boot. The boot I took off of the 2000 f150 just doesn't seem like it's go no to work and have a factory seal. Any advice?

I had to scribe and trim the bottom of my console and trim about a half inch off the side of the plastic boot cover, then it slides under, as far as the seal I glued the inner boot to the floor under the carpet with either shoe goo or weatherstrip adhesive then when I installed the plastic cover which I painted grey to match my interior I trimmed as mentioned and as I screwed it down it sucked it in tight to the floor

Did you get the driveshaft figured out yet?

Yes I got the drive line all figured out. The boot has me at a halt. I might not use the f150's boot frame because I don't want to cut my center console. Might just use the boot it self. Just seems like gluing it to the floor wouldn't seal good enough.

what fluid did you use for your transfer case? I went to autozone and they gave me 85 - 140 gear oil but if I remember right when I drained the transfer case it look like ATF that came out. I just pumped about 1 Cup of gear oil in it so now I have to drain it if it's the wrong fluid.


yeah I figured it was ATF but I just called Ford and they said its not ATF. they said its specific transfer case fluid. maybe that's fords way of charging more for the label. either way I'm just going to go to Ford and get their specific transfer case fluid I guess. then I'm going to take it out and test it and see how it goes I'll let you know thanks for all your help.

Yea there is a recent thread on here about that, it is merc V with a different label

I had to deal with the same thing. I went on the F150 forums and they called for Mercon V

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I've taken it out a few times now and it's a nice upgrade. Only thing I don't like is my new shifter touches my center console. Does yours touch? How can I fix this. It's a very light touch and sometimes it's like 1/8th from touching until I hit the gas. Of course it squeaks so it's annoying.