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Manual-to-manual transmission swap


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October 22, 2006
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Huntington Beach, CA
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98 XLT, OHV, 4D, 4x4, 5M
I have heard before that a different manual transmission bolts up to the 4.0 OHV instead of the M5OD. I think it was a ZF but not sure. Are there any alternate manual transmissions to the M5OD?

The reason I ask, is that the M5OD has the worst shift quality, head and shoulders worse, than any other vehicle i've driven. It's been that way since 2007 when I bought my vehicle. I know truck transmissions aren't buttery smooth but even my friend's Dakota felt like a Civic after mine. I've also tried different fluids and they don't seem to help much.

2000 Explorer Sport, 4.0 OHV, 140,000 miles. Thanks all