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Manual Trans. Problem Shifting HELP


September 13, 2006
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1996 Mazda B-? now
Well hear is the issue,

Evan with the clutch to the floor, hard amlost forcing into first and no matter what ahppens unless i shut it of grind going into reverse

please if there is pins or anything any suggestions

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Two words: slave cylinder. Very common problem, do a search here for those two words, and read up. You can replace it yourself, it's just labor intensive.

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Or you can just keep adding brake fluid to the reservoir.

I have the same issue. Can I just keep putting up with this as its not my daily driver or over time will it cause more damage to other compenents?

no i think that the brake fluid will ruin the clutch plate and may damage seals

I did it for a few years in my bronco with no problems. If you are going to drop the tranny to do the slave cylinder then you would probobly replace the clutch anyway! Just let it leak

Sure you can keep driving it. The problem will only get worse as time goes along. This same exact thing happened to my parents expo. It got to the point where if the expo wasn't rolling forward the shifter would not go into first.

Likely it is the slave cylinder. Although, one time, on a long trip my explorer's hydraulic clutch went haywire - I had to pump it like 20 times to be able to shift each time. It killed my knee because I was in stop and go traffic for a while. It was like that all day. Next day it worked fine and I've never had another problem with it (drove it another 30,000 miles before it needed a new clutch, where I replaced the slave anyhow). I think I'm the only one that ever had this problem though.


There is one other possibility that happened to me. Although the slave cylinder is a common problem, I had the pilot bearing self-destruct on me. The bearing needles jammed and nearly locked the flywheel to the input shaft preventing me from getting the tranny into gear.