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Manual Transmission in 4x4 Sport Trac

That’s a 2wd transmission. You CAN put a t case on it, but you’d need the extension housing AND to replace the output shaft with a 4wd shaft.

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Just found a 2003 4X4 manual

I own a 2wd manual and wanted a 4x4, search over a year before I found one. If 10% are manual I am guessing less then 10% of them were 4x4.
So around 1% of production was 4x4 manual. Not many I am guessing

Wow.....I can't believe it's been a year & a half since I first joined this forum.

In this short time I've owned 6 ST's. The first being the blue base model XLS 4x4 with manual transmission which is pretty much a bare-bones model......... then the silver XLT with some factory options. I kept the blue ST & sold the silver one when I found one nicer than it (nicer than the silver one).....and from there I just kept finding & selling upwards towards a nicer and nicer truck. Now currently (still) have the blue 4x4/manual truck plus an immaculate XLT loaded with the Premium Preferred Package options. Even has heated leather power seats and rear air conditioning..........just one options package below the Adrenaline.

Guy lives a few blocks away from me has a black STA. I'm waiting for his truck to break the chains or burn the transmission so I can (possibly) buy it at an unreasonably low price. Hehehe...

As you can see from the accompanying picture, the blue one is filthy. I use it to pull toys and drive up/around my mountain property - snow, mud, rocky creek beds, it's been a Trooper.. The red one never sees gravel roads and sleeps in the garage.

Nice shape on your new addition! Good plan-- one for dress, the other, oh crap- big dent-oh well!

To answer the earlier posts
no you cannot bolt YOUR t case up to that transmission
They are not compatible
that is a later model RWD 5r auto

You NEED to use your fuel rail and injectors
from the donor explorer you should only be using the LONG BLOCK (which is block and heads)