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Manual transmission?

You can always build it... Even if Ford didnt. I have a '94 limited 5spd. Ford never built one of them.

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If I don't find one by the time I'm ready to really start the project that very well might be what I do. I've gotta get a race truck out of my garage first, build some spindles for my play truck along with a little prep on it and then the expo is next. It's not a matter of money, more a matter of time and knocking out the projects lined up in front of it first. LOL

The race truck... should be in the dirt testing in less then 6 weeks I hope.



The play truck...


Both of those are 100% home built, every bend, notch, weld, wrench turn, engine swap, wiring, etc... So a trans swap on an expo I would hope is in my realm of capabilities but like I said, if I can just find a platform already with it in it I'd be dumb to not jump on it... LOL

Your comment brings up another interesting thing I notice too though. It seems like MOST of the people selling them are claiming under 100K.

There are tons of old Explorers in the Phoenix area that look like they just came off the line. Garage kept, zero rust, and when well maintained they are absolute gems. Trouble is finding that online. Out in the wild I never see those kind of Ex's up for sale.

One of the surest giveaways of high mileage cars are worn pedal pads. Most people won't replace them to throw you off...

There are usually several first gens up here in utah with a manual trans! check What i would like to know more about is the manual shift transfer i would love to get rid of this push button.

I have a 1993 XLT 4 door with a 5-speed manual that just took a crap on me lol it was really nice but now i have to figure out whats wrong with it:(

Bought my 1st gen, 91 EX, 4 dr, manual xmission XL with all the XLT options (except power windows and locks) with 6.5 miles on it, brand new. About 10 years later a Ford dealer couldn't believe mine was a manual 5 spd and said that I got taken.

It's now 21 years old, 227K, runs like new and still gets great gas mileage (for a 21 yo Ex).

AND still my daily driver! Love it! (but in Florida)

Sorry to bump something so old, but if OP hasn't found what he's looking for yet, he might want to look up north. I got my 94 4-Door XLT with manual transmission/hubs in Reno. They were still very uncommon, but they were more common than in Vegas simply because of the mountain terrain.

Manual transmissions were standard equipment in either 2drs, or 4drs in any package until 93 with the into of the Limited. The auto was an option in the XL and included in the XLT and Eddie Bauer base packages, but could be opted out in favor of the manual trans. Manual hubs and t-cases were seperate options and could be ordered indvidually.

The 5 speed was an option in all Explorers even into 2002 with the 3rd generation design. '02 Manual trans 4drs are very rare and were only 4.0L, 2WDs. The only Explorer never to have the option was the Limited package of any year.

I'm not sure about the Sport Trac, but I assume when the body style changed (about 2005-06?) it probably lost its manual trans option at about the same time.

Just some useless Explorer information I have accrued over the years.:D

Well, I found one! By pure luck it was close to where my parents currently are (retired and travel full time) so I got them to go check it out for me today and they both thought it was definitely worth my time to go out and check it out this weekend so I'm crossing my fingers. About a 3 hr drive each way. It's a '91, 5 speed manual with the manual transfer case! Ford crate motor installed about 30K ago with trans and clutch at same time with all receipts done by the dealer! My dad said it doesn't have a single leak, runs super smooth, no rattles offroad and 4wd does work. It even has a front locker that I'll swap into my 3rd member that's already geared that I'll toss into it. They said the interior is in great shape, couple cracks on the dash but nothing a dash mat wouldn't cover and they said the headliner is rough but it's the same grey as my current interior and my headliner is good so I'll just swap that out. So basically if all goes well I may be picking up my new DD this weekend which will also get built into something similar that's in the first pics of this thread starting in March if my other projects between now and then go as planned. It's red though so I'm not sure what I'm gonna do... It'll get painted cause all my fiberglass is white. Not sure if I'll change colors or what. Might do a lighter color just to help with summer heat here in Vegas. Who knows...

Oh and since it's my thread!!! LOL I can take it off topic!!! That "race truck" I posted pics of... We ran our first race with it this last weekend!!! That kinda fun really should not be legal!!!

100% home built in my garage!!!



on the starting line!


Having way too much fun while kicking butt on our first time out!



Great looking race truck!
Hope the '91 you go look at is as nice as it sounds.

Drag it out to Truck Haven this weekend:D

That thing looks bad ass!!

I just wanted to say I liked all of the rigs you showed in this thread. Your ex looks like a great way to experience the desert washes. The Toyota looks sick! Your old red 4 dr looks like it was just as fun as mine was/is to drive. Good luck with the new project. I got lucky when I found my ex. I wanted a 5 speed as well and found it nearby. Although it did not have a manual shift tcase. I installed a shiftster for the time being. It was a one owner vehicle that was in great shape. Now, not so much but it runs like a top.

Drag it out to Truck Haven this weekend:D

That thing looks bad ass!!

Rick, I'd actually consider it except for the fact that we crossed the finish line with the engine literally strapped in rather then bolted in. For our first outting ever with the truck I was absolutely thrilled with it's performance! Only issue we had was a broken motor mount. Because of that, rather then truckhaven this wknd I'm heading to Parker tomorrow to pickup this new ride hopefully and then Sunday the motor is coming out of the race truck so I can make the motor mounts bigger and better.

I will be adding the annual T-haven trip to my calander for last year!!! I'll bet it's been 10 years since I attended with my old one!!! LOL Better late then never to get back into the scene.