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Manual Window Regulator Broken, Window Down, Raining!


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March 14, 2002
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Bremerton, WA
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1992 Explorer XL
In the process of removing the locking mech. from the rear doors (shaving the doors) I broke the cable housing that the window cable goes into.

I need to fix this ASAP as I can't get the window up, and it's starting to rain.

I know I can replace the regulator, no problem. But I need a new regulator assembly. Are these avail from Ford still? Manual Window X's are hard to find to get parts from. This is my `92 XL.


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If the cable is disconnected, can't you just push the window up and jam something in to keep it up?

use plastic for now to keep interior dry..say a plastic garbage bag or something

I can't get the window to budge. I have tried everything. I have given up trying.

I just need to know if anyone has a Ford Part Number for the roll-up mechanism, if it's available, or where can I get one?